Born into a family of artists, it came as second nature to Taylor to write songs. Given a guitar at a young age he taught himself to play a few chords and then as a teenager began writing songs simply because it felt like the thing to do. After years of being a bedroom songwriter and guitar player, Taylor was launched rather unceremoniously into his first band and began to explore the power and possibility of playing for other people. Over the years his songwriting has taken on a texture reflective of the mountains he grew up in, using their power and imagery to craft songs that navigate life, loss, and joys and heartbreak of the human condition. His debut album was released in May 2023. 

"Taylor Burlage holds his own against the champions of Americana music. You can't help but be captivated by his enchanting storytelling and its timeless accompaniment. His new record is the kind of thing you put on and lose track of time to; a mesmerizing journey that you'll take again and again"  -Kayti Korte, Morris Mountain Productions Studios

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